Chelmsford Cobras - Emma Wilcock #7

Data last edited: Aug 19 2012
Name Emma Wilcock
Team Chelmsford Cobras
Number 7
Date of birth 5/Nov/1973
Place of birth Romford
Height 5'8"
Shoe size 9
Nickname Beeitch
Previous team(s) The other team in Essex
Position Centre
Shoots Left
Writes Right
Relatives involved in hockey My fantastic husband is a hockey legend
When did you start playing? Before Paul !!!!
Worst injury Jaw ache
Best hockey moment Any training session when I don't have the hump
Most embarrassing moment A journey on the way home from Oxford
Your best attributes ? My arse
Your worst attributes ? My arse
Favourite team Any my beeitch plays for (I like comedies)
Favourite/most admired player My beeitch. He is the best
Favourite rink Humberside
Love life Married !!!!
Pets Minnie Moo, Mouchin, Bean Bag, My Girl (all the same cat)
Where do you live? Hopefully Broomfield
What job do you do? By day I look at little babies through a microscpe and chat with my bitches. By night I roam the streets looking to punish small children for dropping litter.
Biggest influence My beeitch
Pet hates My beeitch
Qualities you admire in others None (I am the best)
Favourite food Any, especially Grapefruit
Favourite drink Poinsettia
Favourite film Don't know I have never managed to watch one all the way through
Favourite TV Programme see above
Favourite Country UK
Favourite Colour Pink
Favourite Music Country and Western, but I wish they would stop changing the words
Favourite Actor/Actress Myself
Describe yourself The Best
Hobbies sleeping
Ambitions To sleep more, have babies and defend my title as triv champion of the world.

Player stats
Season#NameGPGAPtsPIMShotsShooting %
19917Emma Stott7116172
19927Emma Stott794134
19937Emma Stott896154
19947Emma Stott71012222
19957Emma Stott9132154
19967Emma Stott1311245
19977Emma Stott11761314
19987Emma Stott1110717226216.13%
19997Emma Stott1311516205918.64%
20007Emma Stott147613516510.77%
20017Emma Stott1412618169213.04%
20027Emma Stott1814112520
20037Emma Stott1610132318
20047Emma Wilcock13981720

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