Chelmsford Cobras - Gabrielle Gunn #16

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Name Gabrielle Gunn
Team Chelmsford Cobras
Number 16
Date of birth 5 May 1991
Place of birth Chelmsford
Height 5ft 1 inch
Weight 9 stone
Nickname Gabby
Position Forward
Shoots Right
Writes Right
Relatives involved in hockey None
When did you start playing? About 4 years ago
Worst injury A funny knuckle when I kicked it playing football
Best hockey moment Scoring at Bracknell
Most embarrassing moment Don't really get embarrassed
Your best attributes ? Puck handling
Your worst attributes ? Shooting
Favourite team Cobras
Favourite rink Sheffield
Love life Confusing
Pets Cars
Where do you live? in Chelmsford
What job do you do? Work in a cafe - woohay!
Biggest influence Brother
Pet hates Dirty players, 2 faced people
Qualities you admire in others Honesty, determination
Favourite food Dunn - all taste pretty nice to me
Favourite drink Malibu and lemonade
Favourite film Bruce Lee Story
Favourite Country Spain or Czech Republic
Favourite Colour Blue, Yellow, Pink??
Favourite Music Not rock or metal basically
Favourite Actor/Actress Adam Sandler is pretty funny
Describe yourself Petite and tanned
Hobbies Hockey, gym, footie
Ambitions Get through A levels - Dear God!

Player stats
Season#NameGPGAPtsPIMShotsShooting %
200516Gabrielle Gunn122020
200616Gabrielle Gunn110000
200716Gabrielle Gunn172462
200816Gabrielle Gunn1447110
200916Gabrielle Gunn93030
201016Gabrielle Gunn11010

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