Chelmsford Cobras - Jen Stedman #16

Data last edited: Jul 10 2012
Name Jen Stedman
Team Chelmsford Cobras
Number 16
Date of birth 24/Jan/1974
Place of birth Tottenham
Height 5'6"
Weight 10 stone
Position Left wing
When did you start playing? 17
Best hockey moment Winning the treble in 1995 !
Favourite rink Guildford
Pets Jurgen
Where do you live? Chelmsford
What job do you do? Police Officer !
Biggest influence Mum and Dad
Pet hates Too much politics in hockey in Chelmsford
Qualities you admire in others Ability to drink copious amounts of beer
Favourite food Chinese
Favourite drink Bud
Favourite film Star Wars
Favourite TV Programme They think its all over
Favourite Music Stereophonics / Manics
Describe yourself Red
Hobbies Sport

Player stats
Season#NameGPGAPtsPIMShotsShooting %
199216Jen Stedman82350
199316Jen Stedman86394
199416Jen Stedman8613192
199516Jen Stedman93111414
199616Jen Stedman60110
199716Jen Stedman14561114
199816Jen Stedman1271017186011.67%
199916Jen Stedman127815504515.56%
200016Jen Stedman41120128.33%
200116Jen Stedman334761421.43%

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