Chelmsford Cobras - Marianne Wright #22

Data last edited: Jul 10 2012
Name Marianne Wright
Team Chelmsford Cobras
Number 22
Date of birth 27/Jun/1981
Place of birth England
Height 5'4"
Weight 9 stone
Nickname Mazza
Previous team(s) none
Position right wing
Shoots right
Writes right
Relatives involved in hockey My Dad (assistant manager, shirt washer, ref organiser etc etc)
When did you start playing? 1994
Worst injury None, only aches and bruises
Best hockey moment Water breaks
Most embarrassing moment That incident with Val and a bar of soap in the shower.
Your best attributes ? My quick wit! And my use of shaving foam.
Your worst attributes ? When I'm tired I'm the biggest moaner
Favourite team Cobras - of course
Favourite/most admired player Emma Wilcock - always good for entertainment. Now she's gone and had a baby it must be Tara (the tall one)
Favourite rink Streatham - I find risking life and limb on the boards and concrete patches in the ice brings some excitement to an otherwise dull game.
Homepage Just type Mazza, Jugs and Nude into any good search engine....
Love life Steve (Spen) He puts up with all of my randomness
Pets Lucy Loo (Black cat)
Where do you live? Chelmsford
What job do you do? Health Promotion Specialist (Sexual Health) In the words of ex-Cobras: Ahh really, how interesting!!!!
Biggest influence Dad, a true example of a 'good' person
Pet hates People that spit on the floor. Or leave cows in the bed (Steve!)
Qualities you admire in others Honesty (and not suffering with hangovers - something I wish I could do)
Favourite food Everything, but probably Thai
Favourite drink Champagne, a good red, or a nice cuppa Tea
Favourite film Still probably The Green Mile
Favourite TV Programme There doesn't seem to be anything decent on nowadays
Favourite Country Don't know haven't seen them all yet
Favourite Colour Yellow and Orange (flowers). Black if clothing
Favourite Music Anthing that is good (so not Cheeky Girls)
Favourite Actor/Actress Jude Law - hello
Describe yourself A good friend, someone who tries to make others happy
Hobbies What with hockey and work, not much time for anything else.... Apart from the odd pole dancing lesson.
Ambitions Live for a long time and do everything there is to do.

Player stats
Season#NameGPGAPtsPIMShotsShooting %
199422Marianne Wright50110
199522Marianne Wright90110
199622Marianne Wright100112
199722Marianne Wright1322412
199822Marianne Wright110008110.00%
199922Marianne Wright1425761414.29%
200022Marianne Wright165510102025.00%
200222Marianne Wright173694
200322Marianne Wright1778158
200422Marianne Wright1954926
200522Marianne Wright201451910
200622Marianne Wright33034
200722Marianne Wright51012

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