Chelmsford Cobras - Nikki Grant #25

Data last edited: Oct 24 2005
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Name Nikki Grant
Team Chelmsford Cobras
Number 25
Date of birth Classified
Place of birth Southend on Sea
Height 5' 6"
Weight 10 stone
Nickname Noodles
Previous team(s) Cobras
Position Centre
Shoots right
Writes left
Relatives involved in hockey none
When did you start playing? 1989 I think
Worst injury None (yet)
Best hockey moment Standing in as netminder for the last 7 mins of a game and not letting any shots in!
Most embarrassing moment To many to mention .........
Your best attributes ? Still playing at my age!
Your worst attributes ? Too outspoken at times
Favourite team Cobras of course!
Favourite/most admired player Will I show my age if I say Wayne Gretzky
Favourite rink Guildford
Love life on the lookout
Pets Two cats (Quincey & Henny) and one rabbit (Tilly)
Where do you live? Sandon
What job do you do? Work in the City
Biggest influence Mickey Mouse
Pet hates Big egos
Qualities you admire in others Honesty and humour
Favourite food Sausages, mash and onion gravy
Favourite drink Southern Comfort and lemonade
Favourite film Top Gun
Favourite TV Programme News at 10
Favourite Country France
Favourite Colour Red
Favourite Music You name it, I probably like it
Describe yourself Blonde, blue eyes and too close to 40
Hobbies Hockey, gardening, sleeping
Ambitions To be a rally driver and to give up commuting

Player stats
Season#NameGPGAPtsPIMShotsShooting %
199115Nicola Grant52020
199215Nicola Grant71232
199315Nicola Grant70332
199415Nicola Grant10000
200025Nikki Grant100110100.00%
200125Nikki Grant151454166.25%
200225Nikki Grant143694
200325Nikki Grant151452
200425Nikki Grant171678
200525Nikki Grant17581310
200625Nikki Grant151676
200725Nikki Grant160554
200825Nikki Grant173696
200925Nikki Grant133692
201025Nikki Grant191566
201125Nikki Grant131238
201225Nikki Grant130440
201325Nikki Grant133362
201425Nikki Grant140226

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