Chelmsford Cobras - Paul Wilcock

Data last edited: Mar 11 2001
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Name Paul Wilcock
Team Chelmsford Cobras
Date of birth 22.04.80
Place of birth Peterborough
Height 6 Feet
Weight 11.5 Stone
Nickname Wilks
Previous team(s) Romford, Guildford, Invicta
Position Coach/ Goalie
Shoots left
Writes right
Relatives involved in hockey none
When did you start playing? 1992
Worst injury Torn hamstring
Best hockey moment Wembley 1996 British Championships
Most embarrassing moment Too many to list
Your best attributes ? Communicating
Your worst attributes ? Playing in goal
Favourite team I haven't got one, I hate watching hockey
Favourite/most admired player Anybody who steps on the ice
Favourite rink Chelmsford
Pets Cat
Where do you live? Chelmsford
What job do you do? Sales executive
Biggest influence Mum and Dad
Pet hates Cotton Wool and people who are narrow minded
Qualities you admire in others Being able to consume large amounts of alcohol and Honesty
Favourite food Sausage Rolls
Favourite drink Tea
Favourite film Usual Suspects
Favourite TV Programme Simpsons
Favourite Country This one
Favourite Colour Blue
Favourite Music Anything
Favourite Actor/Actress Al Pacino
Describe yourself Male
Hobbies Hockey
Ambitions To be happy

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