Chelmsford Cobras - Sarah Leach #19

Data last edited: Jul 10 2012
Name Sarah Leach
Team Chelmsford Cobras
Number 19
Date of birth 18/Aug/1983
Place of birth Chelmsford
Height Not sure
Weight Have a guess
Nickname Leachy, Eco
Previous team(s) None
Position Defence
Shoots Left
Writes Right
Relatives involved in hockey None
When did you start playing? 1999
Worst injury Suspected broken wrist (snowboarding)
Best hockey moment Whenever I'm playing
Most embarrassing moment Falling head first into the boards on my first ever game plus many more
Your best attributes ? Defending!!
Your worst attributes ? Skating
Favourite team Us, and the Chieftains and Mighty Ducks
Favourite/most admired player Anyone who has a go at playing
Favourite rink MK ice, but not the showers
E-mail Sarah Leach (at) hotmail (dot) com
Love life None, unfortunately, but open to offers
Pets Did have
Where do you live? Chelmsford
What job do you do? Student (and good at it) and work in a pet shop.
Biggest influence Family telling me I would never be able to play
Pet hates Biting nail (but I do it myself) and lying (which I don't do)
Qualities you admire in others Honesty
Favourite food KFC
Favourite drink Reef
Favourite film The Bodyguard (sad I know)
Favourite TV Programme Angel, ER
Favourite Country Switzerland
Favourite Colour Blue
Favourite Music Anything that makes me sing along
Favourite Actor/Actress David Boreanaz
Describe yourself Talkable, loveable (not a big head)
Hobbies Ice Hockey, Snowboarding, Water Skiing and sleeping
Ambitions To live life happily

Player stats
Season#NameGPGAPtsPIMShotsShooting %
199919Sarah Leach13011020.00%
200019Sarah Leach14000220.00%
200119Sarah Leach9011040.00%

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